Planning to be in Mauritius for the end of year festivities?

Why is December the best time for you to be in Mauritius?
Well, Christmas festivities are special everywhere... End of Year celebrations on a tropical island like Mauritius is definitely a great choice! Santa Claus does not slide down chimneys in Mauritius, but the experience is still worth it!

Our Beautiful Beaches

Needless to say, our sandy beaches and postal card views are the first reason on this list. You can enjoy the view of beautiful beaches in coastal regions of Mauritius, have a swim, get a tan... Get some Vitamin SEA during your holidays. It may rain a little at times but it won't last for long!


December in Mauritius is a period of summery folklore: Beautiful flamboyant trees everywhere, tropical fruits such as Mangoes, Watermelons, Litchis (Lytchees) or Longan (Dragon Eye Fruit)... Celebrating Christmas in such an atmosphere is such a sweet and unique privilege you just need in your life.


While in Mauritius, discover the island in fun and original ways! How about celebrating Christmas on a Quad? Or on the back of a horse? Enjoy lots of amazing outings with your friends and family, we have loads of attractions on the island.


Christmas season may also be synonymous to christmas presents. And the great thing is, many shops and malls have awesome christmas and end of year promos going on! So enjoy this moment to go on a shopping spree! Whether it is for your loved ones or for yourselves, there are a lot of interesting shops on the island, bound to be opened for late night shopping...


Bonus point: you get Tax Refund if you are a tourist or visiting Mauritian! 

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