The Platform for the future of Commerce

The Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) is leading the future of commerce evolution. We are empowering shop operators and SME Mauritius artisans to digitally transform and innovate the way of doing business through an eCommerce platform, allowing them to offer unlimited shopping experience to tourists and Mauritians. The platform provides advanced selling capabilities like merchandising, promotions and order management as well as the best solution for brands. It is a platform built for the future of commerce.

The eCommerce platform adapts to market changes or opportunities, enabling your business to evolve faster and stay ahead of competition. New products can be easily added to your digital commerce experience. The platform enables business scalability and growth. The eCommerce website is ready in a fraction of time and expand to new geographies with advanced localization capabilities.

Every business is unique and we keep it that way. The extensible and flexible architecture can be shaped to your business needs. We provide the flexibility you need to make the customisations you want. We adapt commerce functionality to the way you want to do business.

Customers expect commerce experiences that can solve their problems and make their lives easier. By making commerce intimate, ubiquitous and contextual, customers are more willing to buy and develop a long-lasting relationship with a brand. We drive a true immersive commerce journey by embedding ecommerce solution to your business. Because of this, your business can benefit from increased revenue and customer loyalty.

A fast shift to digital business is driving the need for commerce platforms to handle high-volume transactions and ensure data security. Therefore, we are providing this platform in order to reduce infrastructure costs and to provide the scalability, reliability, performance and security required for business.