The Voucher Scheme (by the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce and Industry) is exclusively available on the MCCI Tax Refund mobile application. 


How does the Voucher Scheme work?

Upon arrival in Mauritius, every visitor holding a foreign passport and a return ticket is entitled to an eVoucher worth MUR 200 on the purchase of locally manufactured products of a minimum value of MUR 1000. The eVoucher from the MCCI Tax Refund App can only be redeemed by operators registered with the MCCI under the Voucher Scheme.

HOW To eVoucher

The eVoucher is generated in the form of a QR Code. The eVoucher operators can be identified by the stickers and product tags bearing the Tourist eVoucher logo:

sticker eVoucher


Where is the eVoucher available?

The eVoucher can be downloaded on Apple Store, Google Play or Huawei App Gallery.



Generation of an eVoucher by a Visitor

Terms and Conditions

The Visitor:

- must be a person holding a foreign passport and a valid return ticket for air or sea travel to a foreign airport or port

- must be physically present in Mauritius

- must download, login and register on the MCCI Tax Refund App by inserting his/her passport and flight details

- can generate only one eVoucher per visit to Mauritius

Note: Mauritians and non- Mauritians having a resident permit are not eligible for the Voucher Scheme.


Redemption of eVoucher

The visitor should present to the operator the eVoucher QR Code to be scanned and redeemed.