Domaine De L'Etoile

In a tale of Mauritius, on the banks of the Grand River South East. At Domaine de l'Etoile, idyllic place that was used in the filming of a television adaptation of the novel by Bernardin de Saint-Pierre, Paul and Virginia. The space preserved the beauty and charm of the island. The hilly topography of the site offers an incomparable view of a very large part of the Mauritian coastline. This will give you a continuous wonder, captivated by the flora and fauna of this exceptional place. Discover its different facets through hikes, trips by motor vehicle, horse riding and zip lines. Younger guests can try their path perched among the trees, trampoline, to inflatable games, as well as land and water circuits. End your day at the restaurant area where you can enjoy traditional Mauritian cuisine before the imposing profile of the mountain. A sanctuary for nature lovers.

Located in the southeast of the island around Ferney Valley and Red Cliff, the area was opened to the public in 2002. Covering 2000 hectares, it allows visitors to observe wildlife from one of the best preserved habitats of the island of Java deer, wild boar, kestrels and other endemic birds. In addition to his ancestral ebony trees, the area also has a beautiful English garden. Buildings in the old, wood and stone, dating from 1972, were used as decorations during the filming of Paul and Virginia have since been preserved. Different activities are open to all; those with no experience driving a vehicle or riding can be reassured that each activity includes a learning session and adaptation before departure. The children in turn are under the responsibility of instructors who will ensure their safety during outings or other activities.

List of activities:

Adult: Quad, Buggy Rides, Night Walks, Horseback riding, Hiking, Zip Line, Group / seminars, VIP - card business

Children: Adventure course, Inflatable Attractions, Water Circuit, Golf Cart, Rando mini quad

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Domaine de L'Etoile
Sebastopol, Bel Air, Moka

Opening hours

Monday to Sunday: 09 00 - 17 00

T: +230 5 729 10 50