Navasana Spa

Derived from two Sanskrit words, nava which means ‘boat’ and asana for ‘posture’ in yoga, Navasana invites guests to embark on a Journey of discovery and well-being.

Feel the spirit of a place where natural beauty evokes the peace and calm within your soul. And let yourself be carried away in an indulgent, or transforming, spa journey that will enhance the way you feel about yourself. This journey is not about self-worship but about loving and respecting yourself as a person.

In a secluded retreat set in 1800m² of the hotel's gardens, Navasana Spa offers a range of treatments, facials and therapies with Terrake products inspired by earth, water, air and plant life. Enjoy hydro-massage, jet showers, balneotherapy, soothing sauna, invigorating hammam and stimulating jacuzzi.

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