KASHMIR EMPORIUM LTD, under the management of KASHMIR EMPORIUM ART LTD Group, a group dedicated to heritage, history and glory of Islam. The rare and pristine works of art on display at KASHMIR EMPORIUM LTD are unique creations of this unique organization, held in high esteem in the art world.

At the KASHMIR EMPORIUM LTD you will discover the rich and the exclusive collection of art ,handknotted silk carpets, jewel carpets, silk scarfs, cashmere, pullovers, pashmina ,brass items, paper machie, chain sitich rugs, silk bed covers and spreads silk embroidery jackets and so many handmade products ...

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Kashmir Emporium - Curepipe
Pope Henessy Street, Curepipe

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09 00 - 17 30
Saturday: 09 00 - 17 00
Sunday & Public Holidays: 09 00 - 13 00

T: +230 676 2704
F: +230 676 2704
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Bank ATM
Wifi Access