Kuanfu Ripe Black Tea and our tea sets

Ripe (Aged & Fermented) Black Tea is the black tea that based on the traditional British CTC method, used Kuanfu tea making technology to meticulously produce, and the production period more than one year.


Combining the CTC method with the traditional Chinese tea making process, Mauristea Investment has developed its unique technology kuanfu tea making technology.Kuanfu Ripe Black tea combine British broken black tea with Chinese drinking characteristic, assured natural quality at every step of the tea making process from planting, growing, producing, to drinking.


We can assure you that we never compromise on our quality standards and are one of the best tea at present in Mauritius. This product has its grasp on overseas market also and has a very good repute. We also started to try the production of green tea, puer tea and oolong tea .This was remarkably successful.

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Kuanfu Tea Shop - Port Louis
1st Floor, IKS Building, Marine Road, Port Louis

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09 30 - 16 30
Saturday: 09 30 - 13 00

T: +230 242 4511
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