Shobha Jewels, crafted with passion

An intact passion since four generations.A know-how that is constantly being refined and that is perpetuated from father to son. Each jewelry of Shobha Jewels conveys the soul of Mauritius, focusing on the cultural richness of the island. The cultural mix delivers a plethora of jewelsreflecting various facets of the country.

If you are on vacation, it is not only a jewel that you will bring back with you but, indeed, a little bit of Mauritius.The memories of the island are faceted in the stone, forged in precious metals.Jewelsthat have a history and which got a soul.

The dodo, an extinct and internationally-known bird, is brought to life under the skillful hands of the jeweler who is also inspired by the starfish to create jewels that recall the beauty of the ocean. The craftman elaborates a multitude of jewels in gold and silver, finely worked with diamond, tanzanite, emerald... of overwhelming beauty. Jewelry for all occasions, easy to wear and conveying charm and elegance.

Shobha Jewels relies on finesse, hand-made contemporary jewelryand quality.To provide better services to the visitors, thejewleryshop has created a new, pleasant and welcoming space.The brand new building, with international standing, bright, displays a contemporary style that seduces. Shobha Jewels has the art of transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary.

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Shobha Jewels
Rue St Ursule, Centre de Flacq, Flacq, Mauritius

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09 30 - 17 00
Thursday: 09 30 - 12 30
Sunday & Public Holidays: 09 30 - 12 30

T: +230 4132695
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