World-class 18/10 surgical stainless steel cookware

With its patented Akkutherm Molecular Base, it is timeless in quality and design and covered by the company’s lifetime guarantee. Our Products, AMC cookware are manufactured in South Africa. AMC Ltd has an excellent after-sales service, including a re-polishing unit which is unique in Mauritius.


AMC Cookware has enjoyed close to 50 years of proven success around the world being present in more than 35 countries and in Mauritius since 1981 within the Currimjee Group. 

Our shops around the island :
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AMC - Port Louis
2nd Floor Currimjee Bldg., Louis Pasteur St (Opp Batimex ), Port Louis

Opening hours

Monday to Friday: 09 00 - 16 45
Saturday: 09 00 - 12 30

T: +230 204 7600
Parking facilities