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We are a leading company in Lightings, Furnitures and Sofas amongst many other products which we sell at a very competitive price, offering high quality goods and services.

For the past seven years of being involved with the construction of homes and offices, the company owners have seen a need for furnitures with a broad selection of design choices, high-end finishes, along with top of the line organization, customer service, and quality to satisfy our customers. 

Our furnitures are customizable and take around two to three weeks to be delivered. Our imported kitchen accessories are up to a very high standard and as such are number one in China.

Our shops around the island :
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Lovely Home - Quatre Bornes
Skydew Building, Royal Road, Belle Rose, Quatre Bornes

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday: 09 30 - 17 30
Sunday & Public Holidays: 09 30 - 12 30

T: +230 467 9387
F: +230 467 1415
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